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Help Santa Save Christmas 2015!

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Help Santa Save Christmas 2015!

Santa's List is posted! We have recieved a very special list of boys and girls that need YOUR help to have Christmas.

Here are the ways you can help:

1. Please forward Santa's request for help to your friends and family
2. Adopt a child or family from Santa's List
3. Donate a toy or clothing item from Santa's List
4. Donate Food
5. Donate $, No donation is too big or small
6. Help during the final shopping spree
7. Help sort and wrap gifts at Santa's Local Workshop 12/20 (and 12/21 if needed)
8. Help deliver to the families on Thursday 12/22 (Elf shifts begin @ 9am & 1pm) (23rd if needed)

Santa's Workshop (Present drop, sort, wrap location)

Drop offs between now and Wednesday 19th at JET Fitness 131 Crosslake Park Drive Mooresville 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

The gift wrapping schedule is as follows:
Wednesday December 19th 11:30 am - 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Thursday December 20th 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (this is a long shift, you may come any time during these hours you are available) Santa will need shoppers this day. That can be done any hours you are available. If you want to be a shopper, please email me with your phone number and time available so I can call you when I know if shopping is needed.
Friday December 21st 1:30 pm -5:00 pm These hours will be reserved for any last minute shopping and wrapping if needed.

Delivery day Dec. 22nd. meeting at Putnam Mechanical (behind Jet Fitness) at 8:30 am to load up and leave by 9:15 am.

Merry Christmas!

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Please take the time to review Santa's list, for he has checked it twice and filled it with good girls and boys that need your help this Christmas. Santa's list is always changing so check it again soon. To adopt a child, family, or to grab a toy off the list for Santa, please email Santa with the family's letter and child number to info@helpsantaclaus.org. Please leave gifts unwrapped but tag the gifts with the family letter and child number.

Santa's List-

A Small Green Christmas Tree What If...? A Small Green Christmas Tree

Here are just a few of the stories of the families we have adopted. Many of these children have been told they would have no Christmas this year. What if....this was your family, your child, your story?

2010 Help Santa families
The father passed away in August 2010. Mother has been working as substitute teacher. Five kids. Children are all citizens, but will receive no assistance due to father's death because he was not a citizen.

Family has been homeless for several months, live in hotel, 2 kids and mother

Mom on disability, but in school to get human services degree, dad has kidney issues and can't find construction work, mom recently diagnosed with tumor on pituitary gland, one child is insulin dependent diabetic, kids are smart, parents struggle but are reliable, 3 kids, mom and dad

Mom and one child, mother lost job and struggling. Very appreciative for any help

What If 2009

The family I sent to you is actually a mom that has raised a daughter who is 25 and already has 5 children of her own.  This mom and her children were exposed to repeated drug dealing and weapons handling when they lived with the father of the youngest child.  There was a major drug bust that the kids were witness to and now the father of two of the these children has gone off to federal prison.  This mom keeps a clean house, the children are well cared for and are not discipline problems at school.  She lives with her mom and her younger teenage siblings so you have 2 women caring for 8children.

This family is living in a "camper" 4 kids in one bed and parents in the "living  area" .  The mom works seven days a week at two jobs and dad had recently lost his job at a local Italian restaurant that closed down.  He just got a few hours as of last week, working at one of mom's jobs.  Guadalupe was born at 20 weeks in Mexico and was given no hope for survival.  She walks with a pronounced limp and has do septum to delineate her nostrils.  She is a darling child that needs some medical interventions.  Mom and dad are without medicaid or private insurance.  The school is attempting to get this little girl some medical help.

Most groups don't want them because there are so many.  It is a single mom who is not working.

What if 2008

"We have 48% on free lunch here at East Middle and so it was hard to select families for this program." Jane Riley East Middle School Counselor

" I have been a school counselor for a long, long time and am seeing such a frightening trend this year.  Our working poor are desperate.  Their electricity has been turned off and they can't have their natural gas cut on, their cars (if they have one) are without gas.  I was sitting in a young mother's home one day last week and said to her, "What do you need most?"  She said, "I need washing powder and things to clean my house with."  We have students asking other kids for food off their cafeteria trays.  I am so grateful to Help Santa Save Christmas for all you did last year and what you are trying to do this year.  Please keep in touch and let me know how I can help from this end.  Thank you." - Carroll Lowrance, counselor at N. B. Mills

Mom is a 40 yr. old single mom with 3 boys who has worked for the ISS district for the past 2 yrs.  She is a valued team member in the cafeteria and hardly misses a day of work.  Her ex-husband intermittenly sends a few dollars every month, but with three teen age boys the money doesn't go very far.  She does not have any substance abuse problems and the boys have stayed far away from trouble because of her discipline and love.  Mom frequently goes "without" so the boys can have a better life.  She is an inspiration.   Currently, her oldest is a senior at SIHS and would like a letter jacket to display all the letters he has earned, but she does not have enough money for the jacket.  If someone could help her get him a jacket, that would be a gift that Mom would love for her son! 

This family moved to Statesville from up north because of dad's job.  Mom has cerebral palsy with significant complications.  About two months ago, dad lost his job.  He recently was offered another job but needed to leave on Dec. 6 to go to out of state training for 3 months.  A family member up north was supposed to come here and help the mom.  That person couldn't come so dad could not leave.  His wife cannot take care of herself and her boys.  This job is still open to him if he can arrange for a relative to come.  The mother called me late yesterday afternoon and said, "We've never had to ask for anything and I am so embarassed, but my boys haven't eaten (except at school) in two days.  Can you help me?  The family has applied for food stamps but will not receive them for a couple of weeks.  These little boys are sweet, smart, well-mannered and are growing up in an intact home with both parents. 

Dad just lost job. They have cancelled Christmas.

Father killed this summer. Stepdad left pregnant Mom. They were evicted from house. Single Mom - doesn't work with four children total.  Living with Aunt in a one bedroom house all of their furniture is on the porch.  Children are 11, 8, 2, and newborn.

Single Parent ( Father ) Mother died.  Younger sister 5 and brother 6.

Has 1 brother that I know of.  Comes to school daily with the same clothes on.  Absent a lot.

Mom lost her job. Evicted from apartment.  Car repossessed. Water turned off. 3 children. Dad works, but doesn’t make enough to support family.

One of our teachers reported the following “Her mother is a single (divorced) mother of several children and has lost her job.  I have listened to her when I had asked her what she was doing for Thanksgiving and she replied, "we dont' have any money for Thanksgiving."  She wears the same cloroxed pants every day. She doesn't complain, and I took it to mean that maybe the family is very proud.  I do know that she is very sad and perhaps a little depressed.”

Living with single mom.  Unemployed and in great need.  Father in jail.

Recently evicted.  Single mom and other children.  They are doubled up somewhere in Statesville, but I will have to contact mom to find out where.   

Mother recently in a car accident and can’t drive or even write. Mother is also pregnant. There are several children. I believe it is a single parent family, with mother having had a few different boyfriends along the way. I know they are in need for the baby.


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A special thanks to all of you elves that have helped Santa save Christmas past! With your help Santa was able to provide Christmas for many children and families in need.

2006 - 38 Children

2007 - 191 Children

2008 - 63 Children

2009 - 85 Children

2010 - 38 Children

2011 - 49 Children

2012 - 91 Children

2013 - 38 Children

2014 - 26 Children

619 - Children & Counting

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  • December 19 - All Unwrapped Gifts need to be dropped off at Santa's local workshop
  • December 22 - Delivery Day
  • December 24 - Christmas Eve
  • December 25- Christmas Day
Write to Santa, white script on red background

Write to Santa Claus with your questions, suggestions and how you can help this Christmas

Email: info@helpsantaclaus.org